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In 1981 an entity who identified itself as RA, a social memory complex, began a series of 105 sessions of communication with three people operating as a collective (see the link above to "Original RA Material"). The information was received through a process called "trance channeling" (different than telepathic communication), and proved to be the most informative source of information from the highest spiritual source available to we who live on the planet earth.

In those communication sessions RA identified a phenomena called a "Wanderer", which briefly explained is a higher consciousness being (mostly from RA) who incarnates into the earth experience and participates in the earth experience as a human.

On December 19, 2011 Carol Crane died (my spouse) and the day after her death I was contacted by her spirit "self" explaining that she was of RA (a Wanderer prior to death) and began providing me with new and expanded information on what was originally provided in the 1981 communications. The new information is provided through telepathic communication in a conversational manner, rather then the formal question and answer format of the original communication.

Some of the information provided in these writings may be of assistance to you, but if you have not made yourself familiar with the original material, it probably won't make much sense. This information is mostly an elaboration and expansion of the original material and is not intended to be introductory content. We have provided a link above to the source of the original material for your convenience.

We have also provided a few other pages in this site. The "Who is RA" page is intended to give you a better understanding of just who RA is (more detailed information is provided in "the Messages" posted), with the intent of peaking your interest in undertaking a study of the "Law of One", the message that RA brings. We also have included a brief over view of the "Changes" taking place on earth and why this information is so valuable and timely at this time in human history. Additionally we have provided some introductory information targeted towards those who are spiritually awakening now and lack resources to understand what is happening to them. Finally, we have provided a "Presentations" page that will offer information on our availability to make presentations to your group or organization.

The New RA Material
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